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Guerlain Kiss Lip Contouring Palette 002 3.5G

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The lip contouring palette KissKiss from Paris is composed of a primer and three shades to draw ultra-sophisticated lips. A palette for all the kisses “from Paris”, from the softest to the most passionate.. The three shades draw the contour of the lips and create a color gradation for a pumped-up look and an irresistible mouth! This palette is available in two harmonies: for a romantic or a passionate look. The two applicators are used for each step of the make-up to offer glamorous and deliciously attractive lips!
The light, delicate scent of a vanilla "floriental" leaves its incomparable mark on KissKiss. Top notes sparkle with a lemon, orange and bergamot accord. The rose and iris heart exudes sweetness. The vanilla and tonka bean dry-down gives KissKiss all of its intensity.

  • Color: 002
  • Weight: 3.5 Grams
  • UPC: 3346470424739