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Dior Snow Bloom Perfect Moist Cushion 020 2X15G

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  • Description
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Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Sun Cushion SPF 50PA +++ that perfectly tones up the complexion while bringing the ultimate UV complexion to your skin. 
The skin is fresh, moisturized, protected from sun damages and perfectly bright, instantly & anytime of the day. Everywhere. 
You can even use the Sun Cushion on top of your makeup because it is water resistant and waterproof.
The skin is naturally luminous, fresh, moisturized, protected from sun damages and perfectly bright, instantly and anytime of the day.
Skin evenness and colour are determined by a pigment known as melanin. With aging and repeated sunlight exposure, the undesirable sallow colour of melanin spreads all over the skin, altering its evenness. Over time, melanin also becomes darker, damaging the natural skin colour. Dior researchers have discovered that Edelweiss extract from the Dior Gardens in Switzerland interferes in this process and can diminish, correct and prevent the creation of dark spots deep down. Preventive action against spots deep inside the skin is one of the most effective ways to achieve lasting efficacy on skin evenness and colour correction.

- SPF 50PA +++
- Water resistant
- Color: 020
- Weight: 2X15 Grams
- UPC: 3348901288552

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