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Dior Double Rouge 999 3.5G

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Inspired by professional techniques, Double Rouge combines two makeup trends: matte and metal.
In a single application, it produces an ombré effect with a highly pigmented matte contour and light-catching metal heart.
Combine a pigmented matte contour with a metal heart: a formulation challenge to achieve two shades that work in harmony upon application by creating a sophisticated finish and an optical illusion of volume.
For bolder colour, start by applying Fix It in the center of the lips. Then use Double Rouge directly on the lips, moving from the outside inwards in a single sweep.
For Double Rouge, Peter Philips created 4 colour families: fun and sophisticated reds, exhilarating corals, electric purply pinks, and nudes that flatter all types of beauty.

  • Combines two trends: matte and metal
  • Provides two shades that work in harmony upon application
  • Helps highlight the curve of lips & creates an optical illusion of volume
  • Color: 999 Matte Metal
  • Weight: 3.5 Grams
  • UPC: 3348901367806