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Decorte Vita De Reve Mask 12PCS

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A purifying herbal mask blended from four different Lamiaceae (mint family) plants helps restore troubled skin prone to dullness and irritation. A flexible, 100% natural cotton mask fits on skin perfectly, delivering the vital power of botanicals to instantly soothe and smooth rough, uneven skin. Skin is reborn with a flawless, smooth and healthy overall appearance.
A sheet-style lotion mask version of special VITA DE RÊVE, containing the extracts of 4 different types of mint. 
This 100% natural cotton mask is elastic and perfectly suited to the skin as it delivers moisture to the entire face to restore unbalanced texture and leave your skin smooth. 

  • 10 min. intensive care for skin when its condition is easily damaged by changing seasons and other problematic environments. Leaves your skin bright and supple
  • Contains essential oils (aroma)
  • 12 pieces inside
  • UPC: 4971710369977